On-Demand Access to the Latest Technical Drawings Anywhere

By Daniel Isaac, Technical consultant – Document management

Having instant cloud-based access to the latest asset information is now a priority for today’s manufacturers, as it maximizes safety and labor efficiency.

Accurent has added new features and integration tools to ensure maintenance teams have full access to the latest asset information. One of these features includes field access to engineering documents via mobile devices for added flexibility.

Made for Each Other: Accruent’s Enterprise Asset Management & Engineering Document Management Systems

Usually, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems keep track of various documents, including work orders and bills of materials. However, field technicians require access to many other technical documents and drawings types linked to these assets.

Out in the field, a maintenance professional may require the following documents and information in to succeed:

  • Technical drawings, schematics, wiring diagrams
  • Asset manuals and documentation
  • Maintenance and operation procedure guides

In a standard office environment, it can be a challenge to search for the required documents through various folders and different locations, and while the lack of tools compounds on-site this obstacle. Communicating comments and markups to documents also prove problematic in this scenario.

Accruent’s Meridian engineering document solution offers integration to asset management tools to streamline access to the latest information and documents. This allows for easy access and a single source of truth for engineering documentation in the field or the office while eliminating duplicate data entry into multiple systems.

Ensure easy access to accurate, up-to-date engineering documentation related to work orders — download our brochure to learn more.

Combining the Power of Meridian & Maintenance Connection

While in the field, a Technician can use the mobile version of Maintenance Connection to document their work via notes, pictures, and videos.  Maintenance Connection’s ability to integrate with Meridian means that this information is also available to the corresponding engineering teams, which improves the collaboration of the latest data.

Back in the office, Engineers can review, approve, and update technical documents and drawings in Meridian, giving the Technicians the most up-to-date version of this data in real-time.

As a result of this integration, these teams can:

  • Improve collaboration between departments
  • Spend less time managing information
  • Find the latest data efficiently across multiple systems

On-demand Anywhere access of your Engineering Documents

Maintenance technicians now have access to many IoT tools, such as mobile devices, when working on asset management. Accruent’s Meridian Mobile offers an easy-to-use mobile application that gives technicians access to the latest engineering information online and offline.

The Meridian Mobile app provides the following functionality:

  • Preload the latest asset information before going on-site
  • Technicians can comment and attach photos/documents to the corresponding documents while on-site
  • Synchronize any comments/photos added while offline once a connection is available

The Meridian Mobile app is available for iOS, Android, or Windows. It is a great tool that allows users to view and approve assets documentation and view their task lists.

To learn more about Meridian solutions and how they can help your team, please contact the SolidCAD Meridian team.

Using Meridian Portal to Streamline Cloud-based Reviews

By Daniel Isaac, Technical consultant – Document management

A typical scenario in today’s work from home reality needs a technical document package to be reviewed by a dedicated team of experts. A document controller accomplishes this by gathering the required hard copies and physically sending them to the appropriate stakeholders around the office using mail.

This traditional workflow presents some challenges:

  • A resource is required to keep the team on track and to ensure mail delays are controlled, which tends to extend the review process
  • Any feedback made in the late stages of reviews may require more mail transactions, causing delays
  • The team must clearly understand reviewer roles and sign off requirements, or the entire process may slow down due to some people thinking they need to approve things when it is not required.
  • Chasing the hard copies through the mailing process is tough, especially when critical resources are out of the office

The Digital Approach: Moving your review online for better efficiency

The Manufacturing sector is quickly moving to digital solutions, especially during this Pandemic. More and more tools are being pushed to the cloud to ensure maximum availability for a home-based workforce and resources in the field.

The power of cloud-based SaaS Software is coming to light during these challenging times. With less in-house hardware requirements for application, storage, and database management, these solutions allow for more uptime and increased efficiency. The flexibility granted by a fully integrated suite such as Meridian EDMS + Meridian Portal highlights the ease of use of going digital.

The Meridian suite will provide the following benefits:

  • Full role-based review control throughout the process (Lead Reviewer, Required Reviewer, Optional Reviewer) which will give precise requirements from the Review team
  • Automated workflow-based email notifications to all critical Reviewers to increase visibility and efficiency
  • Cloud-based markups and comments are made on the reviewed technical documents, which are visible to the entire team. Comments are instantly added using the standard conversation reply style and are fully tracked to reduce any bottlenecks

Engineering document management solutions like Accruent’s Meridian Portal assist engineering teams, and project managers streamline day to day operations by optimizing document reviews and the conversation around them. Online reviews provide instant access to a single source of truth without relying on traditional hard copy prints and packages.

To learn more about Meridian Portal and how it can help your team, please contact the SolidCAD Meridian team.

Boost the power of Meridian with Cloud API Integrations

By Daniel Isaac, Technical consultant – Document management

While Enterprise resource planning and maintenance management platforms are versatile tools that can up productivity and lower operating costs, they normally offer basic engineering document management capabilities. 

This can lead to users struggling to find the latest engineering documents related to assets. Without robust engineering document management tools, a business can see lower operating efficiency and ROI due to increased downtime, maintenance delays and safety incidents. 

Meridian Cloud API allows you to unify all your enterprise tools with Accruent’s industry-leading Meridian document management solution to have a complete and efficient solution.

Combining all these powerful systems will allow your business to better manage your assets and ensure that all your critical data is easily accessible, secure, a tracible throughout: 

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) 
  • Computerized Maintenance Management system (CMMS) 
  • Enterprise Document Management (EDM) 

How can Meridian Cloud API help your team? 

The Meridian Cloud API enables integrations between your existing ERP, CMMS, or FM solutions and Accruent’s engineering document management solution, Meridian.  

Meridian supplies a secure, scalable, and accessible repository for all technical and asset related documentation. This solution not only creates a single source of truth for your technical documents, but also meets compliance needs with industry-specific regulations. 

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With the Meridian Cloud API, you will be able to: 

  • Create traceability between technical documents, assets and emails stored in Meridian 
  • Keep asset information uniform across platforms, creating one single source of truth for data 
  • View a list of all associated documents/information related to an asset in a single space 
  • Reduce duplication of data across multiple systems 

Download the Meridian Cloud API brochure. 

How can Meridian Cloud API help your teams? 

Out of date information and data reduces operating efficiency. Meridian Cloud API will allow your teams to incorporate workflows and data synchronization across enterprise asset tools to maximize uptime and reduce data re-entry. 

Synchronize critical data across different systems 

  • The ability to synchronize your documentation and assets between all your different tools will allow for fully integrated workflows. Having your companies’ technical documentation tied to their respective assets will reduce downtime and lower the total cost of maintenance. 

Reduce duplication of data 

  • Utilizing multiple data repositories without sync capabilities will introduce the creation of duplicate entries which is both time-consuming and inefficient and may lead to increased opportunity for human error. This can lead to making costly decisions that rely on out of date information. 

Whenever maintenance and engineering teams work out of many separate systems, it can lead to work order delays and negatively affect the safety of personnel in the field. 

Meridian Cloud API integration will ensure your asset data and technical documents are up to date always to avoid these issues. 

Learn more about Accruent’s engineering document management solution, Meridian. 

Unify Your Engineering and Maintenance Departments with Meridian Cloud API 

Meridian Cloud API can link your ERP, CMMS or EAM platform with our document management solution Meridian allowing for an update to date, single source of truth, and complaint Enterprise solution for your teams. 

The SolidCAD Meridian team is available for your EDM implementation needs. 

How SaaS EDM Solutions makes remote work effective during Covid-19

By Daniel Isaac, Technical consultant – Document management

Many industries have been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic including Manufacturing, Utilities, and Transportation. As projects need to stay on track despite today’s challenges, we have all had to assess our normal collaboration strategies to focus on remote work and staying effective.

Common questions that arise with so many employees working from home:

  • How do we collaborate with both our internal and external partners as we work from home without our usual access to our full suite of tools?
  • How do we confirm the accuracy of information received from external sources?
  • Do we have controls and workflows in place for project document sharing?

Some companies have adapted quickly to the remote work reality as they have modern SaaS tools in place. They have had little impact on their day to day operations.

Others are struggling to shift to this new paradigm. They are now forced to look for new collaboration tools to empower their employees and minimize downtime.

When searching for the right capital project management tool the following questions arise:

  • How do we track project progress and meet compliance standards?
  • Can we control, digitize, and monitor tasks in our typical project workflow?
  • How do we provide access to all technical documentation to various stakeholders?
  • Is there a tool that is easy to learn and to use for rapid user adoption?


A SaaS EDM application will tick all these boxes and provide the ideal solution to keep your projects on-time and your customers informed.

Available in either SaaS or Cloud-based offerings, an Engineering Document Management (EDM) suite will provide the following instant benefits:

  • Web-based access to allow maximum flexibility for remote external and internal stakeholders.
  • Bi-directional updates to engineering documents and drawings with full workflow support.
  • Mobile access to all documentation which leads to increased employee collaboration and efficiency.

A SaaS-based EDM solution will provide an adaptable tool for your remote workforce needs. If you have not implemented an EDM solution, now is the time.

Accruent’s Meridian Cloud connects Engineering, Management, and Maintenance teams to ensure all documents and asset data are compliant and up to date.

The SolidCAD Meridian team is available for your EDM implementation needs.